Who is the Founder of Satta Matka?

February 2, 2022, 0 Comments

Who is the Founder of Satta Matka?

The origin of Satta Matka can be traced back to the year 1995 when Ratan Khatri introduced the first game. This card game was first played with earthen pots. Later, it evolved into the popular gambling game that you play with numbers on cards. Its popularity led to the emergence of numerous Satta Matkas worldwide. However, it is not clear who the founder was.

While the game has been around for ages, it’s still a relatively new concept. It began as an alternative to lottery tickets, and people played Satta Matka to win prizes and make money. While these games were popular in India, they soon spread to many other parts. In the U.S., Satta Matka is played in many states, including Florida. The game is played with a series of chits, each containing a single number. The chits are positioned in a row and one by one, starting from one to nine. The winner of the draw is then declared.

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The first Satta Matka was sent by the New York Cotton Exchange and included wagers on cotton’s open/close rate. This gambling game continued before the independence of India. In the 1960s, the kings of Satta Matka used random number generators to determine the winning numbers. These days, the game has become one of the most popular betting trends in the subcontinent. The winner wins everything!

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