Using Integrity, India's Ashneer Grover, a Shark on the Shark Tank, claims to have built "multi-million dollar businesses

February 16, 2022, 0 Comments

Using Integrity, India’s Ashneer Grover, a Shark on the Shark Tank, claims to have built “multi-million dollar businesses

Ashneer Grover, co-founder of BharatPe, has been open about his personal and professional life. Ashneer also joked in a recent interview that if he were Shah Rukh Khan, he would have been invited to the Indian version of the business reality programme Shark Tank.
Shark Tank India is a reality programme in which entrepreneurs pitch their business ideas to a panel of “sharks” who provide cash and coaching in return for stock. The programme aired on Sony Entertainment Television on weekdays for almost two months. Its first season ended on February 4, with Ashneer playing one of the show’s “sharks.”
In an interview with Raj Shamani for Figuring Out, Ashneer complimented his father for his candour. “I was in a firm where if you are dishonest with yourself for even a week, the competition would ultimately catch up with you and kill you,” he said. As a consequence of this terrible internal honesty, I felt bound to keep my employees and investors honest as well. More significantly, I must preserve my integrity because the market will kill you if I do not. Whatever companies I’ve established over the past four years have been multibillion-dollar organisations, and they were only possible because you’re honest with yourself and all your stakeholders.”
“I was now on my way to the concert,” he said. I’m sitting here. Ab meri koi shakal, Shah Rukh Khan wali hai nahi ki koi sirf shakal dekh k bolega hannji ‘baetho baetho bhai acha lag raha hai’. If you have a baritone and she is your main bol raha hun, then logo ko sunne me kaan pe accha lag raha hai (Neither do I have a baritone that people will like when I speak). What role do I play in this? Why isn’t anybody listening to me? They will listen to me if I show logic and candour.”

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