Understand Soul Mate Astrology for Finding Your One

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Understand Soul Mate Astrology for Finding Your One

We all have a ‘Soul’ within us. We have been on this planet for a long time. Before delving into the specifics of life partner soul mate astrology, it’s vital to remember that we already have soul mates in many aspects of our lives.

What Are Soul mates?

Soul Mates are a group of souls who wander through many lifetimes together. These spirits reincarnate in order to serve and support each other on Earth and eventually to educate and learn from one another.

What is Soulmate Astrology for a Life Partner?

We must all finish our ‘Karmic Chakra.’ So, during different times of different births, we meet different groups of people (who make up our total soul group), some of whom stay for longer periods of time and others for shorter periods of time. That is all dependent on the karmic balance we are carrying.

When it comes to Soul Mate as a partner, we meet our soul mate who has already been in a relationship. Our eyes are a mirror to our souls, and when they collide, the loved ones are reminded of the love they felt in a former life. Your soul has all the answers.

People nowadays prefer to one other as ‘Soul Mates.’ And an astrologer is frequently asked questions about this, such as, “When I discover him, who will be my soul mates?”

How Do You Find Your Soulmate?

It’s not simple to find your soul partner. Indeed, you may begin to question whether there is a formula for locating “the one.” In this case, the answer is yes. Yes, there are formulas for finding “the one,” but deciphering those calculations requires an understanding of Soulmate astrology.

The Study of Vedic Astrological Science

With the guidance of your natal chart, you may identify your soul partner. Yes, via the study of Vedic astrology knowledge, it is achievable.

In a horoscope, there are twelve houses, each of which represents a different aspect of our lives.

The Role of Tenth House in Soul mate Astrology 

Soulmate astrology says that the tenth house in our natal chart represents our previous lives and the karma associated with them.

The Role of Fifth in Soul Mate Astrology 

As per Soul Mate Astrology, Family and children, as well as the love between two people, is represented by the fifth house of our natal charts. A fifth house that is affected indicates a lack of affection and bonding between the lovers. It also reveals the debt you owe your mate from a previous life.

The Role of Seventh House in Soul Mate Astrology 

The seventh house is a Kendra in Soulmate Astrology, yet it is also a markesh, demonstrating the irony of astrological knowledge. It represents a marriage, but it also represents the end of bliss.

How Negatively Does The Seventh House Of Natal Chart Impact Your Love Life?

We must harvest what we have sown, thus regardless of the planets in the seventh house or the signs in the seventh house, we must go through the predicament presented by this house in our married life. This is why this house is so important for determining your soul mate compatibility.

How does your Ascendant and Lagna Lord impact your soul mate Astrology?

Your ascendant and Lagna lord are now highly important in defining your soulmate’s affection for you. In a horoscope, this should be placed in a favorable position. It should not be in the company of any ill-fated or troubled planet. The Lagna lord’s degree should be sufficient for fostering bliss in love and marriage.

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