Supriya Sule Discusses Hijab and a Karnataka MLA's Rape Remarks

February 14, 2022, 0 Comments

Supriya Sule Discusses Hijab and a Karnataka MLA’s Rape Remarks

According to NCP MEMBER Supriya Sule in Lok Sabha on Wednesday, the governing BJP wanted to dictate how everyone should dress and eat, and anybody who objected would be labelled anti-national.
Sule opened her Budget debate remarks by requesting permission from the Chair to change the topic. “They will decide what to wear,” she added in Marathi. They will make the decision on what to eat. They will choose the time and venue. They will decide what will be stated. They will decide what information to disclose and convey. Criticizing them is considered anti-national. Then I’ll be considered an apostate.

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