Shakun Batra claims he was told The Kapil Sharma Show is a lowbrow show: I Wasn't Concerned

February 16, 2022, 0 Comments

Shakun Batra claims he was told The Kapil Sharma Show is a lowbrow show: I Wasn’t Concerned

Shakun Batra, the director of Gehraiyaan, recently appeared on The Kapil Sharma Show alongside his film’s cast. Deepika Padukone, Ananya Panday, Siddhant Chaturvedi, and Dhairya Karwa were among the team members who played a game with Kapil Sharma and saw his troupe do many skits.
Shakun has finally spoken out about his experience on the programme. In a recent episode of Ranveer Allahbadia’s podcast, Shakun revealed that Kapil’s humour ‘healed’ him. “To be honest, I hadn’t finished the show.” People would remark stuff like, ‘It’s lowbrow,’ and so on, and I’d heard it was entertaining. But I was unconcerned. I’d been shooting for a year and a half and had acquired a significant amount of weight. I’d just delivered the film four days before, and I was still sleepy from its weight the next day. I went there with no expectations, and once there, I couldn’t stop laughing. “I realised in the end that I had entirely forgotten about my project,” he stated.
Shakun said that Kapil was “doing his thing” on the broadcast rather than dissecting the film. “As I went away, I thought to myself, man, I’d pay to be in that throng just to see this.” When I got home, I slept and woke up at 10 a.m., something I hadn’t done in two years. “I’d been waking up around 6.30-7 a.m. with filming stress,” Shakun stated.
“I feel his humour healed me in some way that night.” I honestly have no clue how funny it will be when it comes out, but I just tuned in.” Shakun added that he addressed with Deepika and Ananya the notion that something in the air on the sets was causing them to laugh so hard.

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