RJ Anmol claims to have tried out for Shahid Kapoor's role in Amrita Rao's Ishq Vishk: At the same time, a couple and their parents will marry

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RJ Anmol claims to have tried out for Shahid Kapoor’s role in Amrita Rao’s Ishq Vishk: At the same time, a couple and their parents will marry

Amrita Rao and her husband RJ Anmol shared certain details in a recent video. RJ Anmol recalled auditioning for the major role in the 2003 film Ishq Vishk but being turned down. Shahid Kapoor made his Bollywood debut in the film Ishq Vishk, with Amrita Rao and Shenaz Treasury.
Anmol claimed that he and his sister both auditioned for the lead roles, which resulted in a comedic scenario. Anmol was saying in Couple of Things, the couple’s most recent YouTube video. The episode’s title is ‘Can You Believe This?’
Anmol mentioned that MTV was looking for fresh faces for the film, so he applied for the part: “When I arrived at the audition site, the casting director spotted me and declared, ‘he’s for the lead,’ and sat with the dialogues.” I did, in fact, pay a visit to my sister. She tried out for the role of Amrita. My sister and I fought about what would happen if both of us were picked when we were given the script. We’d even decided on who would step down if both were cast: she would retire, while I would play the hero.”
Rather of casting fresh faces, he highlighted that the producers sought for persons with existing entertainment experience: “Inhone hume bewakoof banaya yaar” means “Inhone hume bewakoof banaya yaar” (they made fools out of us). Amrita participated in a commercial, while Shahid starred in a music video, therefore creating chehre le liye. “Humara sapna wahi tod diya” (they picked well-known faces, dashing our hopes).
To make matters worse, Amrita Rao alleged that she was not needed to audition for the part of the heroine and that director Ken Ghosh just selected her. Amrita and Shahid worked together on their first film, Ishq Vishk. The on-screen duo also starred in Vivaah and Vaah!
Amrita and Anmol married in 2016 and have a son named Veer.

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