Protests against the hijab erupt throughout Karnataka, and 50 schools are threatened with a boycott.

February 16, 2022, 0 Comments

Protests against the hijab erupt throughout Karnataka, and 50 schools are threatened with a boycott

Muslim female students and some parents demonstrated in Karnataka at roughly 50 government high schools spread throughout the state. They wanted to be able to go to school while wearing hijabs.
High schools around the state reopened on Monday, with just minor protests on the first day. Following a week of violent demonstrations against the wearing of hijab in schools, the state government has increased police security before pre-university institutions resume on Wednesday.
On Tuesday, 13 female students throughout the state boycotted the SSLC preparatory examinations because they were unable to wear the hijab and attend classes, while over 500 students missed lectures.
Except seven institutions in Udupi and Kundapur, the bulk of private and government PU colleges in the coastal districts seemed to be unaffected by the hijab-versus-saffron-shawl controversy. Despite its reputation as a communally sensitive area, Dakshin Kannada has kept the PU colleges calm and controversy at bay. Many school administrators anticipate a seamless start to the school year on Wednesday.
Over 160 students walked out of class in the Shivamogga and Chikkamagaluru districts alone, which are predominantly inhabited by Muslim females. “We have worn the hijab since we were youngsters and are unable to do so.” “I’m not going to write the exam; I’m going home,” a hijab-wearing student said in response to a teacher’s request that she remove her headscarf.
Several videos of outraged parents yelling at school authorities and police officers over claimed restrictions on hijab-wearing children’ access to classrooms went viral. A number of public schools have reported this.

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