Mona Singh Is Back On The Stage

February 21, 2022, 0 Comments

Mona Singh Is Back On The Stage!!

Mona Singh’s new year has brought new beginnings, as she has just moved into her freshly remodelled house, which she has been working on since last year. “It’s been difficult with interior work, my projects, and the move, and we’ve added a new dog who’s a handful and driving us mad (laughs),” says the actor.
Aside from films and OTT, Singh enjoys performing on stage and has been in a few notable performances. One of them is Unfaithfully Yours, in which she reconnected with actor Rohit Roy “after years.”
“We haven’t acted in two and a half years, and despite the fact that we’ve done roughly 50 performances, the anxieties and anxiety before a live performance never go away, no matter how prepared you are.” “We’ve made a few changes to the screenplay and even included the outbreak into the storey,” she says, adding that only fully vaccinated spectators are allowed in theatres.
Last year, Singh was busy recording OTT performances and contacted my theatre organizations, including Raell Padmasee, to discuss the latest developments. “It was terrible for so many individuals on the theatrical circuit who were affected by the pandemic’s last two years.” People have not earned money because enterprises have closed or have underperformed. It’s nice to know that the games are back and that things are finally returning to normal, although with a mask that serves as the new normal. Writers are bursting with energy, working hard on new plays, and hopeful about the future. Going to the theatre is also a great opportunity for audiences to get out of their homes, especially for those who want to get away from screens.”

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