In Light of Russia's Threat, India's Government Requests that Indians Leave Ukraine

February 16, 2022, 0 Comments

In Light of Russia’s Threat, India’s Government Requests that Indians Leave Ukraine

With the threat of violence hanging over Ukraine, the government recommended Indian nationals, especially students, to consider leaving for the time being.
The Indian Embassy in Kyiv also advised against unnecessary travel to and within Ukraine.
Certain airlines have suspended flights to and from Ukraine due to Russia’s military build-up and repeated US warnings of a Russian invasion. Indian authorities encourage students and other Indians to depart before flight services are further disrupted. According to US intelligence sources, Russia will attack Ukraine on Wednesday. For the time being, India is not contemplating the withdrawal of its ambassadors and other personnel. Given the present state of things in Ukraine, Indian citizens, especially students, may opt to depart for a short period of time, according to “the advice provided.”
According to the administration’s previous statements to the Security Council, around 20,000 Indian students and nationals dwell and study in Ukraine, including border regions.
“Indian citizens should keep the Indian embassy informed of their location in Ukraine so that they may be reached if required.” “The embassy continues to provide all services to Indian citizens in Ukraine,” the statement said. Igor Polikha, the Ukrainian ambassador to India, told a news source that Indian students should not panic and depart the country while diplomatic talks to resolve the issue were underway.
While Russian President Vladimir Putin emphasised on Tuesday that Russia does not desire confrontation, concerns about the 100,000 soldiers stationed near Ukraine’s border remain. India has advocated for non-partisan, peaceful diplomacy.
Despite Russia’s assurances that dialogue’s potential is still great, the US decision to dismantle its embassy in Kyiv and evacuate employees has added to the concern.

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